The Gaia Exploration Club was formed in 1996 as a SEC registered non-government organization by Mark Dia with the intention of finding like-minded individuals who wanted to do various outdoor sports activities such as caving, diving, hiking, and rock climbing.

The goal was to develop an organization devoted to the exploration, study, and conservation of the environment.

Initially having a few members, the group has now grown into a solid organization with caving projects in different parts of the country. Composed of individuals with different expertise, we all seek to contribute to the ideals of the group and in the process discover our potential.

From the vision of exploration and conservation, four subsections were formed – terra, sub-terra, hydro, and anthro. Terra is the exploration of earth features and terrestrial flora and fauna. Sub-terra is devoted to the exploration of the caves and karst areas, pushing the frontiers of underground exploration including underwater cave systems. Hydro explores bodies of water and life within through SCUBA or through the use of kayaks. Anthro is the study and exploration of human history and culture.